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telemarketing: GDMS

Telemarketing BPO Services

GDMS-BPO service for telemarketing companies, which offers services that include outbound calling, IVR, and call management.

GDMS: Telemarket

Strive for Telemarketing success

Telemarketing is an advanced form of outbound calling that involves reaching potential customers through a variety of channels, including phone calls and emails. Companies use telemarketing to generate new business leads, increase sales, and market their brands. BPO companies specialize in offering telemarketing services to small businesses, which allow them to save time, increase productivity, and improve their bottom lines. BPO companies can be categorized into several different types, including voice (e.g. voice-based, IVR, and IVR-BPO companies), email (e.g. email-based, SMTP-based, and ESP companies), online (e.g. online-based, web-based, and e-commerce companies).

Types of Telemarketing BPO

voice-based Telemarketing BPO service

A voice-based BPO service is a great option for businesses that want to offer their customers a more personalized experience. With a voice-based BPO service, you can build your own call center or access a third-party call center. You can also use voice-based BPO services to offer your customers a variety of voice options, such as voice mail, online chat, and call center agents. Voice-based BPO services are available as a service or as software.

Email-Based Telemarketing BPO Service

Email-based services allow you to communicate with potential clients via email. Using email-based services, you can create your own mailing list or access a third-party mailing list. These services are very effective when used correctly and are inexpensive to use.

SMS-Based Telemarketing BPO Service

SMS-based services allow you to communicate with potential clients via text message. Using text message-based services, you can send text messages to your existing customers or build a list of potential customers. If you’re looking to build a brand, text message-based services are a great way to build a relationship with your customers.

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